Heavy Duty Seating
Each of these chairs is intended for folks that weigh 300-400 pounds, depending on the chair.
All of our products are intended for one single shift of use, except the model AQ-24-7, which is multi-shift use.

AQ-24-7  Multi-Shift Chair - 350 lbs. capacity

KB-9621-BIG - 300 lbs. capacity

B991  Bomber Brown or Black - 350 lbs. capacity

Spot 4400 Stack Chair and Cafe' Height Chair -  400 lbs. capacity

AQ-450 Executive Chair - 450 lbs. capacity

AQ-350 Guest Chair - 350 lbs. capacity

KB-8920 - BIG
350 lbs. capacity
Black is Standard
Custom Upholstery Available

*See Brochure & Price List for more details. 

Custom Upholstery 
on Select Chairs